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Building a home should be enjoyable, thrilling, and fun. It becomes much more convenient when guided through the building process by the same team from start to finish, rather than being moved from person to person. If you love the subtle things in life and want to partner with home design experts for your project home at Sydney, Simone Homes is for you.

Simone Homes has all of the options you might ever want, as well as all of the help and advice you’ll need for project home builders of your dreams. Our easy-to-understand guide cuts through the jargon so you can get closer to realising your dream of owning a house.

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Why Choose Us?

Simone Homes’s custom-designed program allows you to fully customise your new home, from creating a floor plan that fits your lifestyle to discovering your style through the interior and exterior features. Our process will leave you feeling secure in every decision and excited about every detail; after all, it’s your home, and we’ll be there to help you every step of the way.

Exploration and Research

The lifestyle vision journey starts with a customised meeting with our skilled sales representatives at our display homes. We will be discussing your home’s vision and looking at the various designs and features available to make your new home come to life. It’s a way for us to learn about the style of living you want to lead and determine which features your new home needs.

Design Deliberation

The next step will be a face-to-face layout consultation with our home designers. We will try to gain insight into your lifestyle to understand your needs better, both now and in the future, and ensure that every aspect of your home is considered. We also consider the site’s location and how we can best use it to create the home you want.

Evaluating Lifestyle Vision

Next up, we spend time determining the best floor plan and layout for your home once we understand your lifestyle vision. We review the spaces you’ll need, such as entertaining spaces, personal spaces, and their places. We interact with you to ensure that the floor plan meets your needs. We’ll walk you through the various styles and finishes before putting it all together in a digital plan.

Our team is known for bringing architectural excellence to every home building endeavour. View all our home designs and see how we can build a home that will outshine every property in the block. 

custom builders sydney

How it Works?

With Simone Homes, you can access a large and diverse collection of home designs through a consultation. Our expert designers spend time with you to understand your lifestyle and build a home of your dreams as you vision it to be. 

Schedule a Consultation

Simone’s architecturally built homes have been thoughtfully created with ease of living in mind. Begin your adventure with us.  contact us to discuss your requirements.

Building homes that become part of the family, throughout Sydney’s South West

At Simone Homes we pride ourselves on the unique approach we take to delivering each and every one of our exceptional builds. Borne from a passion and desire to undetake every project as if we were building our own home, we work closely with our clients to deliver on our promise to build your perfect home.

Simone Homes has perfected a collaborative approach that is guaranteed to ensure you get the most from your build. Our unique vision workshops will see you sitting down with a team where we delve into your lifestyle, needs and desires to create a personal vision board that will help make you dream home a reality.

At every step of the process we are committed to going the extra mile for our clients, from regular contact with your site supervisor to handling any council or developer requirements, we’re committed to taking the stress out of building a home for our clients.

Take the first step toward building your new home by contacting Simone Homes today.

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