Knock DOWN Build UP Offer

Transform your place from ugly duckling to home sweet home

What you get?


$5k towards your demolition

Simone Homes will kick in $5,000 towards your demolition.

$5k of the upgrades of your choice

Make your new home Uniquely Your with $5,000 of upgrades of your choice
24* week

24* week granted build time or Simone Homes pay your rent

Move out and live worry-free as Simone Homes builds your dream home in record time

A knock-down rebuild is your opportunity to hit reset and start over with a blank canvas

The team at Simone Homes will streamline the building process so you achieve your new goals and objectives.

We have a range of exciting home designs to compliment your lifestyle needs or you can sit down with our vision specialist to create a floorplan that meets every item on your new home wish-list. You might even choose to add a granny flat to your plans and take advantage of an added investment income.

Let’s rebuild the home you’ve always wanted

A knock-down rebuild is your opportunity to hit reset and start over with a blank canvas

Tommy & Irine

Our clients’ journey

When Tommy and Irine approached us to build their dream home, they already had a vision of what it would look like. They just needed the right custom builder to execute their exciting ideas into a reality.

The couple recognised that Simone Homes’ unique design approach meant they had the right specialists on their side to bring their vision to life.



Terms & Conditions


  • This Promotion is available to new customers who request a tender between 1st July 2021 and 30th September 2021 and proceed to accept the tender with payment of non-refundable $5,000 within fourteen (14) days of the date of the tender.
  • The Promotion is only available to those new customers who enter into a building contract with Simone Homes and proceed with the building of a new dwelling with Simone Homes
  • The price for demolition of an existing house does not include the cost of any work associated with the removal of any hazardous or contaminated materials uncovered on the site
  • Simone Homes reserves the right in its absolute discretion to vary, suspend, extend or terminate this Promotion or these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice.

$5k Credit towards your demolition

  • Knockdown of your home must be complete by Simone Homes nominated contractor
  • If you choose to complete your own know down the $10,00 credit is forfeited
  • Knockdown must take place within 6 months of Tender signing $10,00 credit is forfeited if for any reason unless agreed upon before with Simone Home

$5k of the upgrades

  • Upgrade list will be proved in your tender
  • Upgrades can not be replaced
  • Upgrades can not be removed and credit give
  • If you choose not to have an upgrade your $5k is forfeited

Granted build time of 24 weeks build time for Simone Home single-story homes, 36 weeks build time for Simone Homes Double story homes, and 40 weeks build time for all custom design 

Subject to change at any time. The following conditions must be met:

  • The build time period commences when your building approval is received at our office and all other contract requirements are met.
  • Building commencement dates are subject to relevant approvals, land registration, finance approvals, and all client requirements being fulfilled under the contract
  • The fixed 2-week handover allowance concludes 2 weeks after Simone Homes confirms to you in writing that the house has reached practical completion regardless of whether or not the handover has been completed.
  • The build time period concludes on the date Simone Homes confirms to you in writing that the house has reached practical completion.
  • Does not apply to split level designs

Additional time may be required:

  • Homes with power poles or split level homes
  • To sites where they require a traffic management plan for construction to proceed
  • To duplex design
  • To designs with additional granny flats
  • To homes that include landscaping
  • To home sites with greater than 2m fall across the building area
  • To site where rock excavation is required.

Subject to meeting these conditions, Simone Homes will pay $500 per week for up to 6 weeks if the home has not reached practical completion as defined in the contract.

  • Subject to any extension of time clause and suspension of work clause in the New Home Contract.
  • These timeframes will automatically be extended by 3 weeks, should the applicable construction period occur during the industry shutdown period commencing on or about 21st December of each year.
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