Why don’t you provide a base price?

A ‘base price’ is something most builders offer as an indication of their basic cost to build a specific new home design. Unfortunately no two builders calculate these ‘base prices’ on comparable levels of inclusions, making it difficult for potential buyers to actually compare what the builders are really offering.

For instance, some builders exclude things like site costs and BASIX from their ‘base price’ even though these are essential to every home building process. Sure, it’s a great way to pretty-up the ‘bottom line’, but we believe it’s totally unrealistic, dishonest and misleading.

In our opinion ‘base price’ is just a fictional figure designed to get your attention and dangle the illusion of value in front of you. Buyers cannot get a home for its ‘base price’, so why would we waste your time and ours quoting one to you.

At Simone Homes, we do things the right way.

We’re totally pragmatic about providing accurate figures that truly represent the real cost of your new home. No smoke and mirrors. No frills. No drama.

Right from the start, we prefer to take the time, get to know you, your budget, your desired inclusions, your block, your lifestyle and to look at your specific situation before giving you an all-inclusive price.

When it’s all totalled up, a Simon Homes price won’t be comparable with another builder’s ‘base price’. But it will be totally transparent, honest-to-goodness, no nasty surprises quote. It will contain everything you have specified – everything that’s important to you. Plus, it will be on budget. And that’s the real bottom line.

We believe you deserve to know exactly where you stand.

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