Why does simone homes charge for a custom tender?

First of all, a ‘Custom Tender’ is what we do when a potential client presents us with floor plans that were not produced by us. Hey! Not all builders like to take this on – but we’re good with that.

The first thing we do is to go through this like a super-sleuth. This is all new to us and we don’t want to miss anything! So, we conduct a pre-quote site evaluation (checking for ease or difficulty of connecting to utilities, the potential for ‘hidden surprises’ and to see if the site is on a heavy-traffic thoroughfare). We make absolutely sure that we completely understand every nuance, every little detail and every reason why you fell in love with this design in the first place. Once we’ve identified every cost and made sure nothing has been overlooked or left to chance, we check it again.

To provide you with such an accurate, ‘no nasty surprises’ quote, does take time. So yes, we do ask for a ‘Custom Tender’ fee up front. However, this is not added to the all-up cost.

It’s one of those, ‘spend a little money – and you could save a lot’ kind of things.

The Custom Tender fee protects you against the unexpected, and is never added to the final price. The small fee is usually balanced along the way by what you save because we spent the extra time to get it right. We have learned that the combination of making expert calculations, engaging trusted suppliers and really getting nit-picky with our homework always pays off for the customer and us.

Save time, save money, save palpitations.

That old proverb, ‘Forewarned is forearmed’ simply means prior knowledge of possible dangers or problems gives one a tactical advantage’. And that’s exactly what our Custom Tender does. It gives you, the customer a tactical advantage
that can save heaps of time, stress and perhaps palpitations – in fact, it gives you total peace of mind!

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