What’s you price per square metre?

We don’t have one. In our opinion it’s rather vague and meaningless. Sure you can Google it and see that in Sydney the price per m2 of a 3 bed brick veneer/level block/single storey is $1065 for low quality finish to $1630 for high quality finish*.

We don’t do low quality. And we strongly believe that a ‘price per square metre’ does not factor in your personal needs, nor the level of required inclusions – it’s simply not a transparent way to give you an indication of how much your new home will really cost.

There are way too many factors including:

  • Your specific site conditions, type of slab and quantity of piering required,
  • Your inclusions – do you want larger tiles? A staircase handrail? Melamine or polyurethane kitchen cabinetry? A specific tap or shower rose? The list goes on!

As an example, changing a $2 tap for a $200 tap. Imagine what can do to a price per m2!

  • The unique layout of the design – even the shape of rooms and walls can impact on the price per m2. Different trades charge different rates depending on how simple or complicated the request is. The builder then has to pass these charges onto you.

*Mortgage House

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