What is basix?

Back in 2004, the NSW Government introduced BASIX to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the state. Since then it’s picked up a lot of awards and today, it continues to encourage home-owners, builders, councils and certifiers to do their bit to protect the environment. BASIX is regarded as one of the strongest sustainable planning measures in Australia.


BASIX determines how your new home’s water and energy efficiency is rated. The ultimate goal is to make all residential and dwelling types in NSW, even more energy and water efficient. Today in NSW all new homes are required to achieve a minimum score to reflect that the home uses less energy and produces less greenhouse gas.

So why is BASIX left out of a ‘base price’?

It is a requirement of all building professionals to include the BASIX charge. However, if a builder leaves out a few simple things like insulation and a rainwater tank from the price that they give you, that price will seem so much more appealing.
The problem is – one day, the BASIX costs will reach the unsuspecting homeowner as a surprise or hidden extra!

What you don’t know CAN hurt you.

Hiding BASIX from a prospective homeowner is not fair. It’s deceptive and misleading because one day, the homeowner has to pay. Here at Simone Homes we don’t try to fool you. We do everything possible to ensure that we include everything that will be required for the home you are building … before we tell you a price. It doesn’t help you if essential items are omitted from your quote – so we don’t do it. We don’t like nasty surprises either.

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