What are site costs?

Like BASIX, Site costs are mandatory for every new home construction. Yet both of these costs are often ‘overlooked’ by some builders when they prepare their ‘base price’. Why? Without BASIX and site costs, their bottom line looks fabulous.

In our opinion, this is sneaky, misleading and downright dishonest. Because one day you will have to pay BASIX and site costs. It doesn’t matter what home you build or who you choose to build it, site costs for your block will always be for the same work and services. We think it’s better that you know about these costs up front – so you can budget appropriately.

At Simone Homes we make everything add up from the start.

We include all mandatory costs – even though it means our bottom line can’t compete. We have a proud history and have always lived and worked by decent values – so we don’t believe in trying to fool our customers. It’s against our grain. Anyway, don’t be fooled by the lowest price. That’s not the real cost. As we’ve said before, it’s a fictional figure that’s been created to tempt you.

What do site costs include?

They’re the goods and services that will always be required. For example, connectionto power, water and gas; concrete piering and site fencing. We believe thatbuilders can and should use their experience to include at least the minimum quantities
in any price they give you.

When you build with Simone Homes …

you’re actually in partnership with us. It’s our customers who inspire us every day to give everything we do 100% of our care and attention. And that’s why our costs are totally transparent, honest – and calculated to suit you and your budget. With Simone Homes, there’s nothing to hide.

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