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Two homes, one block. Maximum opportunities

There is one very clear and unique benefit of building a duplex – you get two homes for the price of one!

By definition, a duplex is two separate homes on a single block so it’s the affordable way to own your own home. While duplexes share a dividing wall between them, they feature their own entrances, separate amenities and an independent yard.

Simone Homes can help you maximise the potential of your block of land and help you unlock your equity with a duplex. Use one home as a rental income and pay off your mortgage faster, or accommodate extended family so you can live together while still maintaining independence.

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MRZ - Duplex Single Homes

Live large and invest big

We like to put our customers in the driver’s seat of their home building journey. Select from one of our inspiring designs or work with our vision specialist to create your own bespoke home. And if you’re considering knocking down your old, tired home and replacing it with a modern duplex, speak to us about our special knock-down rebuild offer.

How to bring your duplex to life



Work with our New Home Vision Specialist to uncover how duplex friendly is your block. Our state-of-the-art software will help you visualise your design and show you what can be achieved on your block of land.


Choose from one of our original architectural designs and make it uniquely yours or start with a blank canvas and we’ll help you be the captain of your own design.


Receive a fixed price building tender. It provides certainty, makes it easier to budget and gives you absolute peace of mind.

Let’s begin

Once the contracts are signed, we get to work building your brand new duplex. Best of all, we guarantee your build time or pay your rent.

Project 2111 – Custom Detached Duplex

Step inside one of our duplex projects and see how we turned one block into two homes with these created & unique designs!


Enjoy luxury and comfort with our duplex designs

When you choose Simone Homes to deliver your duplex dream home, we give you the benefit of choice and flexibility. We have an option to suit most blocks so you don’t have to settle for the conventional – whether it’s side-by-side, two storeys or three or a layout that compliments your lifestyle. Choose an experienced builder that specialises in customisation and creating outstanding designs for modern families.

Choose quality and style. Choose Simone Homes.

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