How will the sun orientation affect my block and home design? | Simone TV: Episode 108

The sun provides so many natural elements that can really change the overall look and feel of a home design. From the natural light to the warm energy the sun lets out, We need to capture all of these elements and utilise them throughout the design of your new home.
Join Daniel on this week’s summary TV episode to better understand how to utilise the sun’s natural elements

4 Ways To Allow Natural Sun Light Into Your Home 

Now that Spring is here, the sun is out and the trees are beginning to flower. We want to let as much natural sun light into our homes as posable. We start to open up all the blinds and then realise I wish I had more natural sun light coming into my home.


This needs to be thought about during the design phase of your home.

Here are my 5 best was to add more natural sun light into your home: