4 Ways To Allow Natural Sun Light Into Your Home 

Now that Spring is here, the sun is out and the trees are beginning to flower. We want to let as much natural sun light into our homes as posable. We start to open up all the blinds and then realise I wish I had more natural sun light coming into my home.


This needs to be thought about during the design phase of your home.

Here are my 5 best was to add more natural sun light into your home:

Microwave Height Position In Your Kitchen

The position of your Microwave in your kitchen is always a hot topic. Unlike a dishwasher for example, where it can only go on the ground a Microwave on the other had can go both on top and underneath your bench top.

I going to run over some pros and con for both under and over your beach top positions.

Choosing The Right Shower Screens

We all love our bath rooms and ensuites looking amazing right! Well, your choice of shower screens will make a big differents, So choose carefully. When choosing something like a shower screen you might sometimes have to make a decision on what is more important to you, Looks or Practicality.