Shower Head and Mixer Position | Simone Tv: Episode 99

If you have a large shower the position of your mixer and shower head very important.

The first thing is positioning your showerhead in a position where it centralised and away from the door. Sometimes you may not even decide to have a door and just have one piece of glass, in this scenario it is even more important where you position the showerhead.

You want to make sure you position the mixer in a place where is easy to get to either once you step in or just before you step into the shower area.

In the comments below I would love to know how you arranged your showerhead and mixer and do you have an open shower or close shower.

How many homes will my supervisor be looking after?

So generally, the way things work in building companies is you will have someone selling you your new home and then after all the pre-construction is done and your home is ready to build it gets passed on to a supervisor, it just depends on the size of the company you are dealing with.


So one of the questions you need to ask the company is how many homes your supervisor is going to be looking after. Now you wonder why this may be important to you, Well, a number of reasons.