How much site access will you have during your build?

We all know that building a home is a very exciting time in anyone’s life. You have worked long hours sacrificed and saved for a deposit and finally reached the dream of your very own brand-new home. This is a great achievement in itself as these days is becoming a lot harder for young families to purchase their first home. So when you finally see the construction of your brand-new home starting to take shape we understand all the emotions that run through your body and how eager you are to get on-site to stand in and get the feel for what your new home is going to feel like.

How will the sun orientation affect my block and home design? | Simone TV: Episode 108

The sun provides so many natural elements that can really change the overall look and feel of a home design. From the natural light to the warm energy the sun lets out, We need to capture all of these elements and utilise them throughout the design of your new home.
Join Daniel on this week’s summary TV episode to better understand how to utilise the sun’s natural elements

Buying the cheaper block could actually cost you more money in the build!

When trying to purchase a block of land to build your new home on there is so much more things that you need to take into consideration than just the price of the block. Want to give you an example of two individual blocks both in the same area only about a few streets away from each other, they are both exactly the same size they are both have the exact same dimensions they are both facing the same way, however, block 1 is almost $10,000 cheaper than block 2