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3 Things You Need to Know About Simone Homes

You’ve reached the stage where you’ve decided to build a new home, you’ve done your research, found the right location and crunched the numbers, now the tricky bit – choosing a builder. You’ve got a few options on the table and you find yourself asking “Why Simone Homes”?

We’re builders not salesmen.

At our heart Simone Homes are builders, its what we love and what we’re passionate about. When you talk to us you’ll notice something different from other builders – we won’t ever push for a sale. What we will do is listen to what you have to say and then incorporate that in to your build. We ask meaningful questions, informed by over 35 years of experience, that allow us to gain valuable insights in to what you need from your home, so we can deliver on our promises to you.

Pool Safety | Simone TV: Episode 120

Woahoo Summer Time! – Pool, Relax, Repeat!
Safety first guys, we need to ensure we are responsible with our pools and kids over the holiday break.
Join Daniel in today’s Simone TV episode as he tells you some safety rules and tips for your pool.